#Pride as a love letter inviting you to be kin

How can literature be a love letter for change? Two weeks ago, I attended an online literary event where this was a central question with Hugo House. The event, “Writing Off the Patriarchy,” featured four fantastic local writers: Sonora Jha, Kristen Millares Young, Soniah Kamal, and Stuart Getty.

The conversations raised hard questions: How do we carry our grief? What does it look like? How do we grapple with the pain of being expected to protect abusers in our lives? The pain of estrangement, of betrayal?

There were tears. Bravery. An active chat channel and dozens of heart emojis.

For me, a commitment to literature as a love letter for change was powerfully evoked by Stuart Getty, in their easeful presentation and witty and accessible book How to They/Them. At one point, Getty mentioned they really wrote their book for their mother. Their mother was in the other room, too, listening.

For their mother! This brought tears to my eyes. Their book as a gift for their mother!

With #pride month underway I’ve been thinking about love. What would it mean to receive this? To love such a gift as a mother. By ‘Mother’ I do not mean to motion to our biological mothers, which is complex, but rather the symbolic figure signifying care, protection. The giver of life.

It was then I saw the conversation as an invitation to mother. Literature as love letters for change can bloom with pride and love when we are open to accepting this gift.

Thank you to all the writers for your love letters of hope writing off patriarchy. Happy Pride!

#happypride2021 #beamother #belove #care #lovelettersforchange #divinityandme #hugohouse



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