Now published, new article on the “promise” of Wikidata

Monika Sengul-Jones
1 min readMar 3, 2021


My latest piece for Data Journalism, "The Promise of Wikidata," describes the difference between the promise of Wikidata and how it actually works.

While the piece is written for journalists, the style is easy-to-read (imho). There are excellent quotes, visuals, and screenshares. Anyone curious about the hype around this machine-readable linked open data set and what it can and can't do right now will find this a useful starting place.

I like to write using examples. And I am purposeful in the examples I use. In this piece, I write about Accra, Ghana; Polish women protesting the abortion ban; research on women and coronavirus media coverage; the invisibility of femicides; and the limits of using Wikidata to identify “fake news” websites. I'm careful to ensure that my examples, and choice of interviewees, make an argument. Can you tell what I'm doing here?

Check it out:

In case you missed it, the audio version of my piece on Wikipedia for data journalists is now available, just in time for Wikipedia's 20th birthday.